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We know God cares.  He cares about each and every person.  Because He cares, we care about people.  We care about what’s going on in their everyday lives.

Our Mission

...called to radiate the light and warmth of God's love in our everyday life.

Lighthouse exists to radiate the light and warmth of God’s love in our everyday lives.  We care because God cares.

This is what we care about...



  • Following Jesus. We trust his Word, follow his lead, and honor him above all.

  • Growing in our Faith.  We start small and think big. We are willing to take risks, make mistakes, show grace, forgive and grow together.

  • Entering into Community. We keep it real and fight against fake. We live and lead with authenticity. We are driven by purpose, not by programs, personalities, buildings, or budgets.

  • Reaching out to the Hurting and Broken. We are broken people discovering healing together. We embrace messy ministry.

  • Seeing Individuals and Families Thrive. We are meant to do more than just survive.  Our goal is that everyone belongs and thrives at Lighthouse.


  • Living Sacrificially. Great transformation demands great sacrifice.  We aim to follow Jesus in His example of humility and obedience, to God’s glory.

  • Giving Generously. We discover our gifts and grow from consumers into contributors. We give our time, resources, finances, love and grace because we have received more than we could ever deserve.


"I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse.
They were built only to serve."
~ George Bernard Shaw

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