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Lighthouse is proud to partner with our Global Missionaries financially, prayerfully, and pastorally.

Steve & Faye


Steve and Faye Daniels are from Fond du Lac and moved to France in July of 2016. Steve served with Youth for Christ / Campus Life in Fond du Lac for 12 years, while Faye was a French teacher in FDL schools for 14 years.

Steve & Faye Daniels serve in one of the most unreached countries in Europe. They are currently based in the city of Nice in the south of France. Together with a team, they support the work and ministry of local churches in efforts of reaching and discipling the lost. Engaging the culture by spending time with neighbors and fellow believers, they are working towards creating quality English immersion experiences to allow French young people to sharpen their skills. Steve and Faye are involved with the plans to open a café to connect with youth and residents of the neighborhood of their local church. They hope to host short-term missions trips for teens, young adults, and also “not-so-young-adults” who want to share their faith and build friendships with French folks.

Great Commission


Great Commission Media is a non-denominational modern missions organization focusing on taking the Gospel to the nations of Russia, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa by partnering with IRR-TV in missions projects. To achieve its goal of reaching people, GCM produces evangelistic radio programs, television programs, videos and literature in 40 languages. They also train indigenous workers in their respective cultures sending them to their own people.


GCM has completed 105 city-wide campaigns with media evangelism: from Cuba, South America, India, Nepal, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, E. & Central Africa, and now venturing into Mongolia and Thailand. GCM also has television studios in Finland that are used to produce Christian programming in Arabic and Farsi.  Over 1,000 programs are produced each year, then up-linked to 16 satellite networks exclusively targeting the Middle East. In addition, GCM provides humanitarian aid in hard hit areas suffering from natural disasters.

Mark & Bev


Mark Hefter serves at Wycliffe USA with the Ministry and Care Resource HR team. As such, he helps to support over 1,500 current Bible translation projects taking place all over the world; 58 teams in 43 different countries. Mark helps to support missionaries while they are in foreign lands serving, and also as they transition back to the United States. Mark and Bev have been serving with Wycliffe since 2000, previously spending 13 years in Papua New Guinea.

Zach & Kyrsten Campbell


Zach and Kyrsten, with their sons Zane and Griffin, and daughter Lennon, have lived and served with Expeditions Unlimited since 2015.  Expeditions Unlimited exists to impact the lives of youth and adults through the use of God’s creation and outdoor adventure experiences; focusing on partnering with groups to point people towards Christ. Zach does general maintenance and is a head guide/host. Zach is a Zach of all trades, many days will go from electrician to plumber to bus driver to cooking to guiding white water rafting, belaying, cleaning… while Kyrsten is an amazing support. This past summer, Expeditions served/facilitated 57 groups, equaling out to 3184 campers, approximately 30 baptisms and over 20 students gave their hearts to Christ.

Jim & Rene


Jim and Renee Larson founded Every Day Ministries in 2006 for the purpose of equipping and empowering the nationals of developing nations. Over the last several years, Every Day Ministries has been involved with partnering in the construction of over 56 churches, providing training and conferences for 1000's of pastors and leaders as well as strengthening communities in the Dominican Republic through various forms of outreach.

Godfrey & Carolyn


After serving as Associate Pastor (and wife) at Lighthouse Christian Church, Godfrey and Carolyn answered God's call to plant churches in Ghana. The first church, planted in April of 2015, is located in the city of Accra. This church will train and send believers to the northern part of the country to reach the unreached. They are excited to be in the beginning stages of their ministry and look forward to the launch of their first church plant. 

To keep updated with what is happening with the Onwunili family and their mission Serve Ghana, visit their website, You can also sign up to receive email newsletters on their website.

Tom & Deb


Deb and I have been with YWAM for 29 years.  We have 3 daughters-in-law and five grandkids. September 2020 is our 40th wedding anniversary. Deb and I currently focus on planting and encouraging Bible schools in our target nations (Ukraine, Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Taiwan) and around the world. We are also involved with the online Bible schools of YWAM as well. Deb is administrating the entire English speaking Americas region.


During normal times Deb and I travel often, teaching and encouraging these schools. We have planted three schools in the last four years. Deb also works as an academic advisor for the University of the Nations and I am on the leadership council as well as serving in various other leadership capacities here in Montana.


God continues to open doors for us as we get older and we are very thankful that we have been blessed with health and opportunities for fruitful service all these years. God bless you and everyone there that has formed the bedrock of our support for all of these years.

Tua & Patty

Tua & Patty Meafua - Montana

The Meafuas both did their Discipleship Training School in 1983 – Tua in Samoa and Patty in Honolulu. Since then, they have served in YWAM in many different capacities; including pioneering new ministries in Samoa, Tonga and Utah and leading DTS programs and outreaches to Asia and the Pacific Region. Tua is also a leader for Team Xtreme – a YWAM ministry that uses Power Feats to present the Gospel. He has traveled to South Africa, Fiji, Scotland, Egypt, New Zealand, Iraq and many other countries, to present the Gospel to literally thousands of people. They are currently serving with YWAM Tribal Waves on the Flathead Reservation. Tua and Patty are excited to share their lives and experiences with the DTS students and YWAM staff. They now live near Ronan, MT.

Dave & Becci Snyder

Dave & Becci Snyder - Petatlan Mexico

Dave and Becci Snyder were called to Mexico over 40 years ago. Specifically they received clarity from God to work on the southern coast of the state of Guerrero. The natural beauty of the area is stunning with miles of sandy beaches, crystal blue waves and coconut palms waving in the breeze off of the Pacific Ocean. Although tourism, the mining of silver and the sale of silver jewelry would suggest a vibrant economy the reality is heartbreakingly apparent.  This state is amongst the poorest states in Mexico as well as suffering with high ratios of school drop out and low literacy. Unfortunately crime is rampant and the crops raised in the mountains are not beneficial to any country but rather a curse. Amongst this strong, proud and beautiful people we share Jesus the only enduring hope of all the Earth. 

Mike Tonn - West Africa

Michael was born and raised in Fond du Lac county. After a few career changes that included the military and practicing law, God drew him into cross-cultural missions. Having joined Pioneer Bible Translators in 2021, Michael then earned a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies, with emphasis on Scripture Engagement. He is about to launch overseas for French language learning, and then to his permanent field home. Michael is preparing to serve with Pioneer Bible Translators as a church planter in West Africa. His goal is to see a movement of churches following Jesus, using translated Scripture to grow, mature, and multiply disciples who train more disciples. He gets excited when people take God’s Word and plant it deep in their souls! “For the joy of the LORD is our strength.”

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Mike Tonn
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