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Your First Encounter

At Lighthouse Christian Church, each weekend invites you into a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. We're dedicated to delivering the timeless message of Jesus Christ in a clear and innovative manner, combining preaching, worship, and creativity to offer a refreshing experience.

What About My Kids?

We're passionate about making church a joyful experience for your kids! That's why we're dedicated to establishing secure and enjoyable spaces where children can learn about the Bible and the love of Jesus in ways that resonate with their age. Our ultimate goal is to witness a generation of young ones embracing God from an early stage in their lives.

Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Church


Lighthouse is part of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA), a non-denominational association of like-minded, Spirit-filled churches who fellowship together on the state, national and international level.

Sunday Service 10am

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We are glad you’re here! You just found your new home, where you can grow a strong faith and be part of a strong family.

Lighthouse exists to radiate the light and warmth of God’s love in our everyday lives.  

We Care.
Because God Cares.

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